Standlynch Aberdeen-Angus
Farmers are often criticised by some of the conservation lobby - but here, written by Aldo Leopold on the demise of the Passenger Pigeon, are sentiments we can all relate to:
"There will always be pigeons in books and in museums, but these are effigies and images, dead to all hardships and to all delights. Book-pigeons cannot dive out of a cloud to make the deer run for cover, nor clap their wings in thunderous applause of mast-laden woods. They know no urge of seasons; they feel no kiss of sun, no lash of wind and weather; they live forever by not living at all."
Following on from our participation in Coutryside Stewardship and then ELS and HLS schemes, we can report on the return of two breeding bird species.
MOTHS I have operated a moth trap once a week during the summer months, April - September, since September 2005. Most people are amazed at the beauty of some othe moths caught and so I’ve put photographs of some on a special gallery here: