Standlynch Aberdeen-Angus
HEALTH STATUS SUMMARY The herd is part of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme, organised by S. A. C. as regulated under CHeCS standards. Our gratitude and thanks for their encouragement is given to our vets, Endell Veterinary Group, who will be pleased to answer any questions on our herd’s health status. Our Certificate of Accredited Status can be found here Johne’s Accredited. Risk Level 1 (lowest possible risk) from March 2012. (for explanation of risk levels click here) I.B.R. Accredited free from May 2011 BVD Accredited free from March 2011. All females are vaccinated with Bovilis BVD prior to bulling. Bulls are not vaccinated. Lepto No vaccination is undertaken. All animals screened each spring. We have had a “monitored free” status since April 2014. Neospora All females are tested prior to calving following a positive test on a dead calf in 2011. Female calves from any positive cows will not be registered or used for breeding. Bull calves from any positive cows may be used for breeding. Clostridial All post weaning animals are fully vaccinated over the winter months Adult cattle are vaccinated in the spring. August 2019