Standlynch Aberdeen-Angus
The Herd: The Standlynch herd now (2018) consists of approximately 80 breeding cows, all of which are now home bred. The herd has now been split into two equal group to calve in February and September and so assure an availablity of bulls at times of peak demand and to provide heifers to calve at 30 months of age. All calving occurs outdoors, with the February calvers benefitting from the underlying chalk. Our bulls spend their lives predominantly outside and in consequence are not forced and so will not be in “show” condition. We aim is to have all cows with top 30% figures and to produce the majority of bulls for sale with top 10% Terminal and Self Replacing indices. Not all, as we still aim to produce easing calving bulls for dairy and heifer use. In many cases bulls are now within top 5% figures and with several now with prospective top 1% figures. We now expect our annual calf crop to average around the top 10% level for TI and SRI. Some of our recent (Jan 2016) Breedplan graphs can be seen:  HERE   They amply illustrate our continuing progress in improving our cattle’s EBV’s.  
Emma R807 at six months of age